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AISFP 276 – Kameron Hurley

The Mirror Empire

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 59:09 — 41.0MB) Two-time award winning author Kameron Hurley joins Moses to discuss her work, her journey, the support of the writing community, finding the market for her work, making her own rules, and much, much more! This episode is brought to you by the new middle […]

AISFP 275 – Patrick Swenson

The Ultra Thin Man cover

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 45:43 — 31.8MB) Patrick Swenson joins us to discuss his first novel, The Ultra Thin Man, published by Tor Books. Patrick is the publisher of Fairwood Press and previously edited Talebones Magazine for 14 years. This episode is brought to you by the new middle grade novel […]


Eat Fish and Die

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 46:59 — 43.5MB) Today’s interview is a combination of sorts. First, S. Ron Mars (a.k.a. Saul Garnell) talks about his comedic scifi short story, “Eat Fish and Die,” which we have a five minute sample of (12 minute to 17 minute mark). After that, we have a […]

AISFP 273 – Lou Anders and a Book Giveaway

Frostborn with Blurb

Lou Anders joins us to discuss his new middle grade fantasy novel, THRONES AND BONES: FROSTBORN. More than a book, we discuss the many games being released along with the novel, including the Thrones and Bones board game, a developing RPG, and online games at the novels official website.

AISFP 272 – Fake Reviews

Frostborn with Blurb

With Shaun, Moses, and Brent back behind the microphones, we felt it appropriate to get together for a little topic discussion, as we used to do quite often.

Lou Anders’s first book is a humorous viking-inspired fantasy adventure that will appeal to fans of Rick Riordan, Brandon Mull, and Lloyd Alexander. This novel is receiving rave reviews.

Still not convinced? Read Tim Ward’s review of THRONES AND BONES, and then pick up a copy for yourself. And when you do, tell Lou Anders that AISFP sent you!


Game Review: Destiny


Ok, I’m not going to mince words here. The story in Destiny blows. Seriously, Destiny’s script reads like the lead writers dug up every 1990’s D&D quest doodle they ever made, pooled together decades worth of accumulated piles of Star Trek/Wars fan fic, then took turns throwing the resulting scrap paper slush pile at the story concept board… with blunt darts… after collectively downing a 24 flat of beer. I’d hate to have been the poor intern given the resulting bulletin board of beer-soaked scrap paper and told to come up with a script. And I’m not alone in coming to this conclusion. Just do a Google search for "Destiny Story" and you’ll see what I mean. As usual Penny Arcade manages to compile my sentiments into a single panel cartoon. And don’t get me started on the waste of Peter Dinklage as your AI companion, … [Read More...]

Book Review: How the White Trash Zombie got her Groove Back by Diana Rowland

White trash zombie

It’s not easy being a White Trash Zombie. One Angel Crawford, self-professed white trash zombie from the swamps of southern Louisiana, has come a long way from her days as a pain-pill-addicted high school dropout with a budding felony record. The fourth installment of Diana Rowland’s White Trash Zombie series finds Angel trying to kick back, relax, and maybe even think about college. And who can blame her after a year highlighted by murder, kidnapping, evil corporations using local zombie movie extras as test subjects, the escapades of her alcoholic, deadbeat dad, and of course run-ins with the local zombie mafia. Yes, that’s right, the zombie mafia. But, when key members of the local zombie community go missing, Angel has no choice but to get involved. She’s certain Saberton Corporation, who she’s had dealings with before is … [Read More...]

Book Review: Shield and Crocus by Michael R Underwood


I’m not going to lie. This was an interesting one. A good interesting but on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being ‘Generic Fantasy Land, next exit’, 10 being ‘Whoa, wait a minute, where the hell am I…and… did my exit just get eaten by a cavernous black pit?’. Well, this scores a 10. Maybe an 11. I’ll let you be the judge. Shield and Crocus reads as if Underwood took an X-men-like mutant superheroes team and wanted to see what would happen if you threw them into a China Mieville-esque styled weird fantasy world. Luckily this was pretty well Underwood’s intention, and I’m happy to say he succeeded with flying colors. Shield and Crocus takes place in a city that’s built among the remains of a fallen giant, where a small and motley group of superheroes looks to reclaim their home from five criminal tyrants who are doing a remarkable job … [Read More...]

Book Review: Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff Vandermeer


Jeff Vandermeer's work is often connected with the New Weird. This genre is difficult to define, but it typically refers to works that rely on a plot and setting that blend a disproportional amount of the unfamiliar with the familiar. Even though the Southern Reach Trilogy is grounded in the real world (taking place on the gulf coast near Florida?) and its characters are human, the fantastic elements of the story evoke many of the same emotions that are characteristic of weird fiction. For much of the narrative, the characters are on a quest of discovery while combating feelings of isolationism and dread. In the first novel, Annihilation, Vandermeer refrains from using character names, referring to individuals by their professions. The main character, who is simply called the Biologist, is sent into the mysterious and alienating Area X … [Read More...]

Book Review: Resistance by Samit Basu

Resistance cover

It's 2020, eleven years after the passengers of flight BA142 from London to Delhi developed extraordinary abilities corresponding to their innermost desires. The result is a world overrun with supers. Some use their powers for good, others for evil, and some just want to pulverize iconic monuments and star in their own reality show. See giant kaiju monsters threaten Tokyo! Thrill to mecha warriors a-la-Transformers engage in pitch battles with said monsters, especially for the edification of sensation-hungry TV viewers! Gasp at super heroes running riot across the globe! Experience the terror of watching evil villains drain humanity’s last hope of their super powers! Resistance by Samit Basu (Titan) throws all this and a whole lot more, including the kitchen sink, into the mix. Wildly over-the-top action, wickedly funny dialogue, … [Read More...]

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SF Book Releases This Week: September 30, 2014


Thanks for stopping by another SF Book Releases This Week. If you are an indie or small press author and would like your book included in this list, email us at adventuresinscifipublishing [at] gmail [dot] com. Rise of the King: Companion Codex, II (Companions Codex Book 2) by R. A. Salvatore In the second book […]

SF Book Releases This Week: September 23, 2014


Thanks for stopping by another SF Book Releases This Week. If you are an indie or small press author and would like your book included in this list, email us at adventuresinscifipublishing [at] gmail [dot] com. The Seventh Sigil (Dragon Brigade Series) by Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes Margaret Weis and co-author Robert Krammes bring […]

SF Book Releases This Week: September 16, 2014


Thanks for stopping by another SF Book Releases This Week. If you are an indie or small press author and would like your book included in this list, email us at adventuresinscifipublishing [at] gmail [dot] com. Stars & Empire: 10 Galactic Tales Humanity wasn’t built for peace. Not on Earth. Not in space. Not on […]

SF Book Releases This Week: September 2, 2014


This weeks’ new release columns features the first Star Wars collaboration with the Lucasfilm Story Group. Star Wars: A New Dawn is set during the legendary “Dark Times” between Episodes III and IV and tells the story of how two of the lead characters from the animated series Star Wars Rebels first came to cross paths. . Also, new books from Tad Williams, Jeff Vandermeer, Julie E. Czerneda and more!

Top 5 Celebrity Guest Appearances on The Simpsons

simpsons x files images

The Simpsons will soon be entering into its 26th season. Throughout the course of its run, the show has been the recipient of an unprecedented 31 Primetime Emmys, a Peabody, and countless other awards. There are many things that distinguish the series as one of the the best shows of all time: the scripts, the voice actors, and the creative use of celebrity guest stars. And while there have been many appearances over the course of the 500+ episode run, here are the top five all-time celebrity guest appearances on The Simpsons.


Q and A with Scott Kenemore, author of Zombie, Indiana (+Giveaway)


Skyhorse is offering 3 copies of Zombie, Indiana by Scott Kenemore to AISFP Newsletter subscribers. Join our list by one week from today and you’ll be entered. (US only for this giveaway) *Zombie, Indiana is now available on Kindle Unlimited. Click book cover for link. What kind of zombie apocalypse are we dealing with in […]

5 Lessons to Write a Series with Tim Marquitz

Exit Wounds

Tim Marquitz, Editor and Chief of Ragnarok Publications, recently released Exit Wounds: Demon Squad #7. Not many people have written a series that long (and it’s not his only one – Dead West is sweet zombie action). It’s an honor to have him come on and share with us what he’s learned. He also has […]

A Ring Tone for the End of the World – Stephen King’s Machines of Mayhem


Should we fear the rise of robots? The dawn of human/machine fusion is clearly on its way; remarkable advances in technology have led to the creation of self-driving cars, bionic organs, Siri and similar voice-controlled virtual assistants, just to name a few examples.  Science fiction is rife with stories exploring the increasingly complicated relationship between […]

Interview with Craig Cormick about THE SHADOW MASTER


The Shadow Master by Craig Cormick (Angry Robot Books) In a land riven with plague, inside the infamous Walled City, two families vie for control: the Medicis with their genius inventor Leonardo; the Lorraines with Galileo, the most brilliant alchemist of his generation. And when two star-crossed lovers, one from either house, threaten the status […]

The Story Behind SALT: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller by Colin F. Barnes


Colin F. Barnes is one of the most loveable, hard-working freelance authors I know. We had him on the podcast to discuss his Technothriller series, The Techxorcist, and now I’ve asked him to write a guest post on what makes his novel, SALT: A POST-APOCALYPTIC THRILLER, unique in a crowded genre of Post-Apocalyptic fiction. Here’s […]