Tobias Buckell Joins the Cast!

I’m thrilled to announce that Tobias S. Buckell, author of Crystal Rain and Ragamuffin, will be doing a continuing segment for Adventures in Scifi Publishing. Ask a Writer will be a regular feature for listeners, by listeners.

Here’s how it will work: if you have a question about writing, publishing, novels, short stories, characterization, theme, plot – anything, and if you would like the advice/opinion of a professional, working author, email them to us and Toby buy gabapentin powder will answer your questions in the show. Or call your questions in on the voicemail line at 206-350-5029. Questions will be answered on a first come, first served basis, so start sending them in right away!

Sam and I extend our sincere gratitude to Toby for joining the show. We think this will be a wonderful addition as we continue to explore publishing, writing and great speculative fiction.

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  1. I have listened to 10 or so of the podcasts and except the john ringo one, i have enjoyed it all.

  2. Shaun Farrell says:

    Very cool, Raul. Thanks for listening!

  3. Pamela Milkweed says:

    Hey, this is actually turning into a respectable podcast! Just don’t forget us fans who have been with you since the beginning. 😉

  4. Shaun Farrell says:

    What a mixed compliment! Don’t worry, Pamela. You’re one of the firsts and we know it, 🙂

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