AISFP 45 – Chris Armstrong

The talented Chris Armstrong brings us the dark cinematic tones of SF themed music in this special episode. Shaun really digs this music, so we hope you folks like what you hear as well.

More music mentioned in this episode:

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  1. Chris Armstrong says:

    Hey Shaun and Sam,

    I just heard the interview. Great job editing the tunes into it. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to be on the show.

    Chris Armstrong

  2. The soundtrack to Sunshine out of all the soundtracks I’ve ever heard makes me think… outer space.

    Unfortunately it’s never going to be released on CD.

  3. A bit of a list:

    Coheed and Cambria is well known to be telling a space opera story.

    Julia Ecklar also has put out a lot of filk. “Terminus Est” is a particularly good track.

    Jonathan Coulton has several good science fiction tracks including “Chiron Beta Prime.”

    The Dresden Dolls released a music video for their song “Coin Operated Boy” that is very steampunk oriented.

    Chris’s music very much reminded me of the PRI show “Echoes.” You might want to check that out for similar sounding material.

    Great show, by the way! SF music is an area that could have a whole podcast devoted to it.

  4. Shaun Farrell says:

    Emma: Are you refering to the Danny Boyle movie? I’m surprised that wouldn’t be on cd.

    Jordan: Your list shows me how little I know about SF music. You’ve given me material to explore!

  5. Yeah – apparently there’s been a lawsuit between one of the soundtrack artists and Fox, and I think the producer of Sunshine says they’ve scrapped the soundtrack and have no plans to release it. Too much trouble!

    A pity, because it was beautiful, lonely, hopeful music.

  6. Danny Boyle is THE SHIZNIT. And I agree wholeheartedly, Emma. I can’t believe I forgot to mention that in the show!

  7. Steve H. says:

    The soundtrack for “Sunshine” would have been a quick buy for me. That music was perfect in the film.

    When I settle down to write I tend to crank up soundtracks on my iPod. The ones that get the most play in my world are:

    Batman Begins by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard

    The X-Files: Fight The Future by Mark Snow

    Star Wars 1-6 by John Williams

    Lord of the Rings by Howard Shore

    King Kong by James Newton Howard (though I’d love to hear the work Howard Shore had done for it before he got sacked by Peter Jackson)

    Blade Runner and also the non-sci fi 1492: Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis

    Braveheart by James Horner

    But there’s so much stuff that I listen to soundtrackwise that it would be thought to list it all here, especially when I get into some of the non-soundtrack work I listen to. But hey, this is a start.

  8. Shaun Farrell says:

    Steve, did you steal my iPod? Where is it?!!

  9. Steve H. says:

    You’ll never get me, copper! I’ll never tell!

  10. Steve… don’t tell Shaun I slipped it to you, kk?

    Did I just type that out loud?

  11. Richard Linville says:

    Thank you Shaun and Sam! It’s real treat to hear music featured on a scifi podcast. I have heard Bear McCreary’s name come up several times one Slice of Scifi however this is much better. And since you asked about scifi music…the first band that comes to mind is Voivod. A Canadian thrash metal band whose music is laced with science fiction themes.

    Suggested listening: Nothingface by Voivod.

    Thanks Again.

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