AISFP 65 – E.E. Knight and Fox Cutter

E.E. Knight, author of the Vampire Earth series, joins us to discuss the milieu of his work, surviving the collapse of iPublish, and his future plans for his popular series. Then Fox Cutter, editor of Renard’s Menagerie, stops by to discuss his growing small press magazine.

Show Notes

Publishing News: Ridley Scottย plans to make adapt Joe Haldeman’s class SF novel The Forever War to the big screen. Keep in mind, though, that when a big Hollywood director makes a claim like this, the chances of the film actually being made within ten years is fairly slim. Still, one can hope.

Expanded Horizonsis a new magazine of speculative fiction. It seeks to break stereotypes and challenge established biases in SF. The premier issue features stories by Joe Haldeman and Paul Levinson.

Eric Knight joins us to discuss his many works. He has a different take on the Vampire genre, and this SF reader is excited about it!

Fox Cutter enters the magazine spotlight. All aspiring writers listen up!

Feedback: Shane from Australia thinks Stephanie Meyer ought to suck it up and finish the final book of her bestselling series (he says it nicer than that). Jason has different ideas and defends Meyer’s right to choose. Shaun agrees with both arguments, but sides with Shane.

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  1. Hiya Shaun

    No I’m not Shane Dix unfortunately. If I ever get published it will be confusing though because my last name is similar to Dix – it is the the same as a former US president’s last name. No, not Garth Nix either. I think it is contracted that half the Aussie SF writers have to be named Shane, Sean or Shaun. The other half are Sara Douglass. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry about the breathless voicemail though. I was powering across the harbour bridge. Next time I will wait till I get home and record it better.

  2. Shaun Farrell says:

    Yeah, I figured you probably weren’t Dix, but I couldn’t resist! Thanks so much for calling and for listening. I didn’t think you sounded breathless.

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