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I remember when SHADOWMAGIC came out on It’s a great fantasy novel, and I swear that it had nothing to do with me naming my son Connor. After all, SHADOWMAGIC’S protagonist uses just one “n” in his name, so it couldn’t possibly have influenced me.

I am pleased to announce the release of SHADOWMAGIC 2: THE PRINCE OF HAZEL AND OAK. Author John Lenahan sent me a press release on the project and announced that the ebook of SHADOWMAGIC 1 will be available for just .99 cents for a limited time. Go buy it! Just click on the book covers.

John Lenahan’s new novel, The Prince of Hazel & Oak – Shadowmagic 2, is out now. Published by HarperCollins UK it is available in paperback, Kindle, iBook, and epub formats.

In celebration of this event, HarperCollins is offering the ebook of John Lenahan’s first novel – Shadowmagic – for 99 cents.

Shadowmagic recently became a UK bestseller by reaching no. 4 in the UK Kindle Children/Young Adult charts and no. 1 in the iBook charts.

This is a limited time offer act now to read the book of which Booklist Magazine said:

“With the pace and thrill of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and a sense of place worthy of Narnia itself… will have readers begging for more.”

Publisher: HarperCollins/Friday Project
ISBN 978-1905548927
Shadowmagic by John Lenahan
Publisher: HarperCollins/Friday Project
ISBN 978-1905548927

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  1. Farzana Habib says:

    Bloody brilliant read!!!! I highly recommend both books. Cant wait for the third book.. Hurry up John!

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