AISFP 145 – Charles M. Pulsipher, DC Comics, Feedback

In the wake of Arbitrator Jonah Oliver’s interrogation of Jibril Muraz, a prisoner of UNPOL, his secure life disintegrates into one of lies, corruption, conspiracy and murder. Written in the vein of 1984, TAG is an exciting debut from a new author. If you enjoy utopian societies gone wrong, then you need to give TAG a look.

What if you were a famous scientist and had studied astronomy and ancient culture for years?  What if the one time period that drove your career was December, 2012?  And worse, what if on December 14, your only daughter disappeared into the past in the Mayan jungle? Read MAYAN DECEMBER for an exciting fantasy, time travel adventure!

Find Simon on Twitter, and visit his website for interviews with other indie authors. Brenda Cooper is also on Twitter and blogs regularly at her website.  And, please, tell them AISFP sent you!

Show Notes

  • Tobias Buckell achieved his Kickstarter goals, which means another novel featuring Pepper (Shaun hopes) is forthcoming.
  • Brent and Shaun discuss the Barnes and Noble VS. Amazon showdown regarding Amazon’s exclusive new deal with DC Comics. Will BN continue to deny DC shelf space, or will DC find a way to offer BN digital rights?
  • We talk with Charles M. Pulsipher, author of THE CRYSTAL BRIDGE, for the Sponsor Showcase.
  • Feedback: Grail Quest Books has secured the publishing license for the Highlander saga. They have a trilogy planned, and you can help.
  • Feedback: Fattius writes in about Michael Stackpole’s fantasy novel TALION: REVENANT, who has promised to write a sequel once 5,000 ebooks of TALION are sold. We discuss several points within Fattius’ email.

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