AISFP 182 – Matthew D. Jordan, Part 1

ROGUES OF THE BLACK FURY! When a band of shadowy fanatics abducts Javin Wollstone’s little sister, Bella, from his care, his only hope to bring her home is turning to a hard-bitten band of special warriors, the Black Furies, led by Commander Rusk. Javin follows Rusk and his men through a maze of political intrigues, religious fanaticism, and centuries of distrust. Little do they know that little Bella Wollstone could be the spark that sets off a war of Armageddon. The investigation unfolds into a frantic chase that leads Javin, Rusk, and the Black Furies across trackless, pirate-infested seas into the ancient heart of Fartha, the religion-steeped land of prophets and priest-kings. Using stealth, guile, and sheer audacity, the Furies fling themselves into the teeth of the serpent, trying to snatch Bella back before she is swallowed forever. Javin finds himself torn between his genteel, noble upbringing and the raw, brutal necessity of what he must do to save her life. And after all of their trials, neither Javin nor Bella will ever be the same

Buy ROGUES OF THE BLACK FURY by Travis Heermann and tell him AISFP sent you!

Show Notes:

Matthew D. Jordan, author of TINCTURE, a new podcast novel, joins us to discuss his post-apocalyptic world where Tanker Men walk the dusty plains and the walls of reality are a bit too thin for anyone’s comfort. We also discuss the 80’s cartoons that introduced him to science fiction and fantasy, and who doesn’t love 80’s cartoons? Subscribe to the podcast today!

We are also giving away a copy of THE CREATIVE FIRE, by Brenda Cooper. Simply tweet or post something on facebook about AISFP, include our handle so we see it, and you will be entered. Entries due by Thursday the 24th.

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