AISFP 186 – John Anealio

‘They’ll stand amongst the corpses of the beloved.’ That’s what he said at the end, though I never considered myself one of the beloved, not at the beginning. I was simply a terrified woman then, but now… now I understand. Maybe I wish I didn’t. Eldon Thompson raves, “Readers with the fortitude to take the plunge stand to be rewarded with what may go down as one of the most ambitious, redefining forays into epic fantasy of all time.” Discover EULOGY by D. T. Conklin.

SPECTRE: Post Production for an Epic Short Film needs your support. Jason Denzel has finished all of the principle photography for the film, but he needs some help funding special effects and mastering the audio.

The story is about a fallen paladin who wakes up wounded on a battlefield. There he finds Spectre, a notorious sword with the ability to speak who’s responsible for much of the destruction in the land. Having lost everything, the paladin vows to take the sword to a temple where it can be destroyed. But as he makes the long and grueling journey over land, he finds the sword is nothing like the world believes it to be.

This short film looks amazing, so let’s join Jason in improving the world by adding to it another fantasy film! Click on the link above to view footage for SPECTRE.

Show Notes:

John Anealio, science fiction musician and co-host of the Functional Nerds, joins Moses to discuss his work, podcasting, following his muse, feverishly moisturizing, Sam Sykes, and Laser Zombie Robot Love.

Laser Zombie Robot Love [Explicit]

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