AISFP – State of the Pod – 2013

In which I put to the audio the sentiments and master plans first revealed HERE.




3 Responses to “AISFP – State of the Pod – 2013”

  1. I am so excited about this. One of my favorite spring to fall activities is jogging, listening to AISFP and daydreaming about writing and being a successful writer. The only downside will be jogging longer than the episode, but I’ll manage. Already trying to figure out how to help support the show.

  2. Shaun, I’m in for this. I’ll be donating for sure. I may also be interested in reviewing for you as well, but I’ll have to think about that a bit and see what my schedule would be like. Either way, looking forward to the changes and wishing you and the crew the best in 2013!

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