AISFP 191 – BN Downsizing, Dragoncon Controversy, and the Society of Idiots

Fairy Tales and Fables FAIRY TALES AND FABLES is a collection of new fairy tales inspired by Eastern and Western European fables and the folklore work and collections of the Grimms Brothers and Andrew Lang. Written by Old World-style fairy tales that are magical, fun. . . and slightly scary. . .

Stories: The Cowboy and the Pebbles, The Vegetable Patch, The Lady in the Forest, The Face in the Mirror, The Pear Tree, The Smoking Sword and The Sage and the Three Brothers


Show Notes:

Shaun and Moses discuss a variety of topics in today’s show as we cover the publishing world of science fiction and fantasy. Please weigh in, and here the links you will need to check it all out!


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  1. Nancy A. Collins says:
  2. Thank you very much for the kind words about Bloody Work, Moses! I also spoke for an hour this morning to a writer for CNN/HLN, for an article slated to appear on their website sometime around the 11th of February. So it looks like this film is starting to get a little momentum behind it, and I appreciate your support of it as well.

    (Also FYI: My book review site is in factt, not .com. Cheers!)

  3. While I agree with Shaun when he said that people will always read paper books I just wanted to add one thought to the discussion of eBooks vs paper books. Shaun said he still prefers paper when it comes to non-fiction books. I can see if you have a nice coffee table book like “The Art of Star Wars,” or something like that – in that case I would prefer paper. Most non-fiction books are there to give you information though, and I would much rather have a search feature in an eBook than a paper book I’d have to thumb through if I was going back to a non-fic book for some information from it. Just my two cents. Great episode!

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