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Mortis Unbound

HerbertFrank Herbert: The Works is a comprehensive critical biography documenting the literary achievements – and sometimes stupendous disappointments – which comprise the legacy of this colossal figure who has for so long dominated the science fiction stage. Herbert’s most famous and compelling works, including Dune, Dune Messiah, Children of Dune, God Emperor of Dune, Whipping Star, Destination: Void and The Santaroga Barrier, are recast in an original compositional and intellectual perspective that establishes the hidden interrelationships and ideological connectivity woven throughout his entire oeuvre. A new understanding of the deeper significance which riddles his most well-known works emerges from the context of his less renowned fiction and non-fiction alike, as well as from consideration of the times and places in which he worked. CLICK HERE to learn more.

MORTIS UNBOUND: In a world where all natural forces – such as heat, light, and motion – are controlled by invisible winged creatures known as vox, mages have successfully conquered death, making all humans immortal. By chance, a journalist named Liiran discovers a winged woman sleeping in a glass coffin, buried in a long-abandoned facility in the desert. The woman, Mortis, is the vox of death. She escapes her prison, but with no memory of what she is, Mortis goes to the only person she remembers – Liiran.

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Show Notes:
Shaun and Moses discuss a variety of publishing news topics. We recorded this several weeks ago, so we confess that these stories may have been updated since then. Please use the links below to see what we were seeing. Also, Moses answers a question about dictation.

Congratulations to Jake Marley and Patrick Kanouse for winning copies of THE SIX GUN TAROT by R.S. Belcher. Big thanks to Tor books for sponsoring our special episode 200 giveaway, and thank you to everyone who tweeted about episode 200 and entered the contest. We received more entries for this contest than any other, and the announcement never came on the show!

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  1. Thanks for this episode. As the author of The NOOK Book, 4th Edition, I wanted to comment on a couple of things. First, NOOK apps are not from the Google Play store, even though they use Android as the OS. Second, the NOOK devices are primarily dedicated ereaders with some additions. Third, I think dedicated ereading devices are probably on the wane, especially as you mentioned that the iPad mini and other full-fledged tablets are close in price.

    While the NOOK devices are excellent devices, I think where they have an issue is in the ecosystem. The NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ just introduced movies and TV shows you can buy from B&N. Amazon has had that for a while. Amazon offers a one-stop shop with a large user base. B&N just hasn’t been able to cultivate that for the their digital users.

  2. In the UK, Waterstones are already selling ebooks from instore:

  3. Speaking about Mysterious Galaxy, they are in partnership with Kobo. You set up an account through their portal, the store gets 8% of any ebook purchases made with said account. Now, if you have a pre-existing account, the bookstore gets no cut.

    Also, in case people are curious, the new store is in Redondo Beach, and it gets A LOT of author appearances due to its proximity to L.A.

  4. Jason Waskovich says:


    When it comes to dictation, have you tried Dragon Naturally Speaking for the PC or Dragon Dictate for the Mac? Both are desktop dictation programs (speech to text) that allow the transcription of recorded text. If you like, you could also speak back your recordings using the software. Both options would save your wrists from a lot of typing.

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