AISFP 202 – Myke Cole, Scott Lynch, Jean Johnson, Eightball and Marie Bilodeau


Do you love surfing? Do you love science fiction? Than INDOMONU is the story for you. When a man will go anywhere and do anything to catch the ultimate wave he encounters another world. Published by Eternal Press, INDOMONU is a story for science fiction sports fans everywhere.

Blind, young Londoner, Horace Mayberry can only dream about being a secret agent, until he acquires intelligent artificial eyes with superhuman abilities and is recruited into a secret government department. What if you were blind, and suddenly the government offered you a way to see again by supplying you with high-tech eyes, known as intelligent Nanotronic BioVision, allowing you to see the world, literally, in a whole new way? In return, you are to use your new points of view to serve your buy neurontin australia country, however you are asked. In the meantime, other people want to take advantage of your unique abilities as well. How do you keep yourself safe while you decide who you can trust? Check out POINTS OF VIEW, by Tony Thorne Mbe.

Disaster Response in SF
Apocalyptic natural disasters, hungry zombies, devastating plagues. These are all mainstays of SF&F stories. The federal government has real National Incident Management System (NIMS) for dealing with them. How would NIMS react to some science fictional scenarios? What would the response look like?
Marie Bilodeau, Myke Cole, Eightball, Jean Johnson, Scott Lynch

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  1. This is like the fifth time I’ve listened to this panel, and it’s still hilarious. Did that guy in the audience really just say, “Yeah, yeah” to Eightball? How rude!

    • Shaun Farrell says:

      The story about the guy bleeding in the bathroom was far funnier than it should have been considering the subject matter!

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