AISFP 255 – Bruce Taylor on becoming Mr. Magical Realism

Timothy C. Ward interviews Bruce Taylor for the second part of their phone conversation that began on AISFP Episode 241, Bruce Taylor on Magical Realism. In this interview, he asks how Bruce became known as Mr. Magical Realism. Tim posted a panel on Quantum Physics Meets Magical Realism from ChiCon 7, where Bruce was a panelist. In today’s podcast, Bruce goes over all kinds of advice on becoming a professional author. He also discusses some of his favorite pieces of fiction and the story behind writing them.

Ben Arzate recently reviewed his collection of short stories, The Final Trick of Funnyman.

About our guest: brucetaylorBruce Taylor, also know as “Mr. Magic Realism,” was a student at the Clarion West Science Fiction/Fantasy, and has been actively promoting and advancing the form of writing known as Magical Realism, founding the Magic Realist Writers International Network in 2001. He has currently co-edited, along with Elton Elliott (former editor of the Science Fiction Review), the anthology Like Water for Quarks: The Intersection of Magic Realism and Science Fiction. (ebook available at Baen website)

Other works by Bruce Taylor:

Timothy C. Ward
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Timothy C. Ward has been podcasting since 2010, first as AudioTim, and now with AISFP. His first publication, Cornhusker: Demon Gene (A Short Story), is available on Kindle for $.99. His novel in progress, Order After Dark, is a Post-apocalyptic Fantasy set in the rift between Iowa and the Abyss. Sign up to his author newsletter for updates on new releases.

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