AISFP 293 – Hugo Awards finalist, remembering Terry Pratchett

Hugo Award

Brent Bowen and Kristi Charish discuss being named a Hugo Awards finalist as well as the political clash of clans before the finalists were announced. They also remember Terry Pratchett and share their thoughts on his work and life. This episode is brought to you by Edge of Dark from Brenda Cooper, and published by Pyr. What if a society banished its […]

AISFP 292 — Sean Gunn, Michael Rooker at Planet Comicon

Sean Gunn and Michael Rooker of Guardians of the Galaxy give a behind-the-scenes look of the movie as well as their careers in this Planet Comicon special. This episode is brought to you by Edge of Dark from Brenda Cooper, and published by Pyr. What if a society banished its worst nightmare to the far edge of the solar system, destined to […]

AISFP 291 — Anti-Sad Puppies with Paul Weimer

Paul Weimer of The Skiffy and Fanty Show and SF Signal joins us on the day of the Hugo nomination deadline to provide the Anti-Sad Puppies point of view about the Sad Puppies effort and the Hugo Awards. This episode is brought to you by Edge of Dark from Brenda Cooper, and published by Pyr. What if a society banished its worst […]

AISFP 290 — Ferrett Steinmetz, Flex


Ferrett Steinmetz joins us to discuss his debut novel Flex from Angry Robot Books. It’s pitched as a novel where Breaking Bad meets Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files. Ken Liu offers the following advance praise: “Featuring one of the most original magic systems ever devised and a pair of likable, layered protagonists, Flex is a fast-paced, imaginative, and emotionally engaging adventure. The developing […]

AISFP 289 — Sad Puppies with Larry Correia, Brad R. Torgersen

Sad Puppies 3

Larry Correia and Brad R. Torgersen join us to discuss the Sad Puppies effort. The campaign questions the notion of inclusion in genre, particularly with the Hugo Awards. In the interview, we discuss the perceived exclusion of popular fiction. We also chat about the controversial decision to include Vox Day in the original slate. Full disclosure: AISFP was […]

AISFP Podcast 267 – Kim Vandervort, Hadley Rille Book’s True Heroines of Fantasy

Brent Bowen chats with Hadley Rille Books author and editor Kim Vandevort about true heroines in fiction and how the publishing house battles the “Trinity complex” and works to bring strong female characters to the page. In support of delivering strong female characters, Hadley Rille Books launched a crowd-funding campaign to bolster their distribution and […]

AISFP 253 – Jamie Todd Rubin, BEYOND THE SUN

Brent Bowen caught up with science fiction writer and Evernote ambassador Jamie Todd Rubin at last year’s Worldcon. They discuss how wearable tech and Evernote can improve a writer’s life, Jamie’s quest to write everyday (now 396 days out of 398), and his work including his short story, “Flipping The Switch”, in the recent anthology, […]

AISFP 243 — Ramez Naam, CRUX Giveaway

Brent Bowen chats with Ramez Naam at the 2013 Worldcon in San Antonio. They discuss his novels Nexus and its follow-up, Crux; whether we, both individually and culturally, are equipped to adapt to a world of accelerating technological change (such as privacy matters and how we ALL are being watched by the NSA); and the […]

AISFP 171 — Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller chatted with Brent at ConQuest. They discuss recent, big news that all 15 books in the Liaden Universe® will be released at Audible, other upcoming projects — including more Liaden books — and boxed wine.

AISFP 170 – Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Bryan Thomas Schmidt joins us to discuss several new projects, particularly his second novel in the Saga of Davi Rhii THE RETURNING.