AISFP 122 – Michele Lang

Michele Lang, author of LADY LAZARUS, joins us to discuss the melding of history (in this case with personal considerations) with fantasy, having an agent who is also an author and what’s next with DARK VICTORY, and her second Magda Lazarus novel, which will be available January 2012.

AISFP 120 – Ian Tregillis

Ian Tregillis, author of Bitter Seeds, joins us to discuss superheroes in fiction, why, as a working physicist, he’s not writing science fiction, how he came to be in George R.R. Martin’s “Wild Cards” writing collective and the reasons for the delay in book two of the Milkweed Triptych trilogy.

AISFP 115 – Ferrett Steinmetz

Ferrett Steinmetz, up for the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer, chats about what it takes to write a great short story (the guy should know, he’s s slush editor for Apex Magazine), Clarion, blogging, and overcoming challenges.

AISFP 110 – Liza Groen Trombi

LOCUS Magazine Editor-in-Chief Liza Groen Trombi joins our Brent Bowen at the World Fantasy Convention to discuss trends in the industry, the health of print short fiction (Realms of Fantasy’s folding. Though, it’s since been purchased and will continue.), and their January 2011 launch into the digital editions

AISFP 105 – Nancy Kress and Scott Sigler

Nancy Kress and Scott Sigler join us to discuss a variety of issues, including writing, science, and hard lessons.

AISFP 104 – Anne Sowards and Clay and Susan Griffith

Penquin Editor Anne Sowards and writers Clay and Susan Griffith join us to discuss a variety of topics, including editing, comics, The Tick, Steampunk Vampires, writing advice, Jim Butcher and more.

AISFP 100 – Kij Johnson

Kij Johnson joins us from the Campbell Conference to discuss the possible evolution of the short story, her own recent award-winning Spar — 2009 Nebula Award Winner, 2010 Hugo Award Nominee, and 2010 Locus Award Finalist — and this Midwest gem called the Center for the Study of Science Fiction.

AISFP 98 – Paolo Bacigalupi

Like the true champion he is, recent Hugo-winning author Paolo Bacigalupi fights through respiratory issues to chat with us about the Campbell Conference, his collaboration with Tobias Buckell on the novella The Alchemist and The Executioness, and his YA novel Ship Breaker.

AISFP 95 – Hadley Rille Books

Publisher Eric T. Reynolds from Hadley Rille Books joins the show and walks through his unlikely process of becoming a publisher and what he looks for in prospective authors.