The Next Wave: A New Kind of Publishing


Michael Bunker takes us into Apocalypse Weird and a new wave of publishing!

How Accurate Are Arthur C. Clarke’s Predictions in 2015?


Famed writer Arthur C. Clarke is best remembered today as the author of the science-fiction classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. Though he certainly deserves acknowledgement for his writing and contribution to Kubrick’s classic sci-fi film, Clarke’s uncanny ability to predict the future is also worth remembering. As we enter a new year, it is an […]

Attack of the Hollywood Remake Zombies: 2

Man of Steel poster

Spider-man, Superman, Batman, The Thing, Invasion of The Body Snatchers, War of the Worlds – I could name many more, but I haven’t the time, or the blog space. You probably glean from the headline that I have something to say about remakes of classic, and not-so-classic films. In particular the annoying superhero origins story sub-category. […]

Fantasy Writers – What Class Are You? by Rob J. Hayes

Heresy Within

Fantasy Writers – What Class Are You? by Rob J. Hayes By now we’ve all heard of pantsers and planners, architects and gardeners but in the realms of fantasy we authors can be classed into other categories. So today I am asking you all: Are you questers or world builders? By way of example I […]

Top Sci-Fi Characters to Cosplay – Other than Jedi

Doctor Who - Series 7B

Whether you’re an out and proud geek or a nerd in hiding, at some point you have probably donned a sci-fi costume. It’s almost as if cosplay (whether at a con or on Halloween) has become a rite of passage into geekdom. And it may surprise you to learn that some of the best cosplay […]

Last Contact in Bulgaria


Last Contact is a short film portraying the despair of a researcher long after his last contact with the outside world. While the film is in the final stages of production, Michael Garrett, the man behind the camera, has turned to Kickstarter for much needed funds to finish and promote the film. We here at AISFP love […]

Surviving Publishing Series: Bloggers, Reviewers, and You


After an article posted last Friday in the Guardian, apparently this needs to be said: Reviewers don’t review books for the author. Reviewers review books for readers. For those not aware of the article doing the viral set of rounds on social media, it details the stalking and confrontation of a blogger by YA author, […]

Q and A with Scott Kenemore, author of Zombie, Indiana (+Giveaway)


Skyhorse is offering 3 copies of Zombie, Indiana by Scott Kenemore to AISFP Newsletter subscribers. Join our list by one week from today and you’ll be entered. (US only for this giveaway) *Zombie, Indiana is now available on Kindle Unlimited. Click book cover for link. What kind of zombie apocalypse are we dealing with in […]

5 Lessons to Write a Series with Tim Marquitz

Exit Wounds

Tim Marquitz, Editor and Chief of Ragnarok Publications, recently released Exit Wounds: Demon Squad #7. Not many people have written a series that long (and it’s not his only one – Dead West is sweet zombie action). It’s an honor to have him come on and share with us what he’s learned. He also has […]

A Ring Tone for the End of the World – Stephen King’s Machines of Mayhem


Should we fear the rise of robots? The dawn of human/machine fusion is clearly on its way; remarkable advances in technology have led to the creation of self-driving cars, bionic organs, Siri and similar voice-controlled virtual assistants, just to name a few examples.  Science fiction is rife with stories exploring the increasingly complicated relationship between […]