SFF Book Releases – May 17, 2016


There’s something for everyone in the SFF BOOK RELEASES THIS WEEK, and we mean everyone! Your new favorite book is waiting for you below. Guaranteed or your money back.* *You didn’t pay any money to us to access this website. Your refund is $0. We pay in gold pressed latinum. Remember, If you’re an indie […]

SFF Book Releases – May 10, 2016


We’re getting literary this week so prepare for stories that don’t follow genre rules. But they’re joined by the return of a writer who makes the rules: Guy Gavriel Kay! And, best of all (for me) this week features lots and lots of WEREWOLVES. I might be biased towards the SFF BOOK RELEASES THIS WEEK […]

SFF Book Releases – May 3, 2016


Lots of traditional Science Fiction and Fantasy–with a noticable military bent–in your SFF BOOK RELEASES THIS WEEK. Book lovers: AttennnnnnnnSHUN! And don’t forget: If you’re an indie or small press author and would like your book included in this list, email us at adventuresinscifipublishing [at] gmail [dot] com. If you love free books, reviews, and podcasts, sign up to […]

SFF Book Releases – April 26, 2016


This week’s SFF BOOK RELEASES (THIS WEEK) are all about big franchises. And small franchises. And some books that will be big franchises when they grow up. And then there’s some other stuff that could be big or might stay little but you’ll only know for sure if you read them. And don’t forget: If […]

Book Review: King Space Void by Anthony Trevino

King Space Void by Anthony Trevino

Dane Shipps is a worker aboard the spaceship King Space Void, a gigantic ship that fuels itself by eating planets. He and the other workers worship the ship as their god and believe it will take them to a paradise called the Edge. On an especially bad day for Dane, he meets a woman from […]

SFF Book Releases – April 12, 2016


Last week I was swamped with new books for your SFF BOOKS THIS CENTURY AND ONGOING. This week, however, the list is more reasonable but no less exciting. These are your SFF BOOKS THIS WEEK and you won’t need to take a whole year off of work to read them all. Now onto thecopypasta: If […]

Book Review: The Wolf in the Attic by Paul Kearney


Paul Kearney’s The Wolf in the Attic (Rebellion/Solaris) is a coming-of age-story. The publishers suggest it will appeal to people who love the work of Tolkein, C.S. Lewis and Philip Pullman, and I agree. Curiously enough, a fictionalised version of the creator of the Narnia novels makes an appearance as a character, albeit highly disguised as […]

SFF Book Releases – April 5, 2016


We have a whole month of books available for your SFF BOOK RELEASES THIS WEEK and it’s only April 5th. Don’t be a fool and miss out on any of these though, with nearly 40 books available, you’ll have to make an effort not to see any of these titles. If there’s only one book […]

Book Review: Rock ‘N’ Roll Headcase by Lee Widener

Rock 'N' Roll Headcase by Lee Widener

Chaino Durante is a loser working the night shift at the Nuclear Burger. He bids his time working up the courage to rob the place, just so he has a chance to have control for once. One day at work, he happens to discover the disembodied head of Alice Cooper (it happens) who helps him […]

SFF Book Releases – March 29, 2016


We have a plethora of excitement, wonder, and… Loki. Actually, two Lokis but neither of them are Tom Hiddleston. Sorry, ladies. But we also have TV adaptations, space ships, demon hunters, and soldiers who won’t stay dead among the many choices for your SFF BOOK RELEASES THIS WEEK! And don’t forget the copypasta: If you […]