This game has no right being as good as it is.

There. I’ve said it.

Wolfenstein: the New Order from Machine Games is an action adventure first person shooter (FPS) set in an alternate version of 1960’s Europe where the Nazis won the war. You play as special forces operative Captain William “B.J” Blazkowicz, who is on a self appointed mission to rid the world ...

Filmed by Moses Siregar III, author of The Black God’s War, with Adventures in Scifi Publishing. A fantastic panel on Magic Systems (Epic and Urban Fantasy) featuring Patrick Rothfuss, Jim Butcher, Jaye Wells, Myke Cole, Stephen Blackmoore, and Sam Sykes.

Phoenix Comicon 2014 Panel – Magic Systems with Butcher, Rothfuss, Wells, Cole, Sykes, Blackmoore


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