Reviews: The Beauty and The Bridge

Beauty cover

This time I am reviewing two works: a novella, The Beauty by Aliya Whitely; and a short story, The Bridge by Angela D. Mitchell. Both are distinguished by highly original, unusual storytelling and beautiful prose. In The Beauty by Aliya Whitely, a group of men and boys who have escaped their failing city gather around […]

Audiobook Review: ROUGH MAGICK by Kenny Soward (Narr. Scott Aiello)

Rough Magick Audiobook

My life was changed when, at the age of thirteen, a friend showed me Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis. My first adventure into living dragons, half-elven heroes, knights, princesses, and more captivated my imagination with the joy of discovery and wonder. Some of the characters, like the mage, Raistlin, had […]

Book Review: what if i got down on my knees? by Tony Rauch

what if i got down on my knees? by Tony Rauch

I really enjoyed Tony Rauch’s previous collection of short stories, eyeballs growing all over me …again. It was a strong collection of whimsical and strange stories with a science fiction thread running through it. When I saw that Rauch had released a new collection, I asked for a review copy of what if i got […]

Book Review: Gorel and The Pot-Bellied God by Lavie Tidhar


Reading Gorel and the Pot Bellied God by Lavie Tidhar (PS Publishing) felt like discovering Michael Moorcock for the first time. That sense that something has shifted in my world and I’ve been transported to a strange yet weirdly familiar place with an antihero who is strange, complex and … someone you want to be with as long as […]

Kristi’s Read, Play List


Hi Folks! Man, oh man was I sick after Norwescon. ‘Con crud’ I believe is the popular term…Any who, I’m back and ready to post what I’ve been playing and reading the last two weeks. Reading As some of you know I’ve been reading UNSEEMLY SCIENCE by Rod Duncan and managed to finish that this past week. This […]

Book Review: Positive by David Wellington


Positive by David Wellington About the Book In the bestselling vein of Guillermo Del Toro and Justin Cronin, the acclaimed author of Chimera and The Hydra Protocol delivers his spectacular breakout novel—an entertaining page-turning zombie epic that is sure to become a classic. Anyone can be positive . . . The tattooed plus sign on […]

Book Review: Black House Rocked by Paul Bingham and Emril Krestle

Black House Rocked by Paul Bingham and Emril Krestle

Hopeless Books bills Black House Rocked as a “literary split single.” It brings to mind pulp presses like Ace Books  that published double volumes of books with similar themes, like how the first edition of William S. Burroughs’ novel Junky was part of a double volume with Maurice Helbrant’s novel Narcotic Agent. In this case, […]

Budget? What Budget?


Recently, British horror writer Ramsay Campbell drew the attention of a horror Facebook group to some low-budget horror films he appreciates. His suggestions were in reponse to the question that some people in the group posted, suggesting there had been few actually scary horror films in recent years. Similar questions arise for me in respect of […]

Kristi’s Read, Play List and Norwescon 38

The Bullet Catchers Daughter

Hi Folks! As some of you know, I was at Norwescon 38 this weekend as a panelist. It was awesome. This was my first time out at a conference as a debut author and GRR Martin was GoH. I repeat — it was awesome. Thanks so much to Norwescon for inviting me, and Philip K. […]

Book Review: The Bizarro Starter Kit (Purple)

The Bizzaro Starter Kit (Purple)

I’ve reviewed a couple books here that are billed under the subgenre of Bizarro, such as Dodgeball High and Technicolor Terrorists. Bizarro, however, is a relatively new subgenre of speculative fiction and many are still unfamiliar with it. To introduce people to the genre, Eraserhead Press has released three collections of various authors. The original […]