Book Review: Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff Vandermeer


Jeff Vandermeer’s work is often connected with the New Weird. This genre is difficult to define, but it typically refers to works that rely on a plot and setting that blend a disproportional amount of the unfamiliar with the familiar. Even though the Southern Reach Trilogy is grounded in the real world (taking place on the gulf […]

Book Review: Resistance by Samit Basu

Resistance cover

It’s 2020, eleven years after the passengers of flight BA142 from London to Delhi developed extraordinary abilities corresponding to their innermost desires. The result is a world overrun with supers. Some use their powers for good, others for evil, and some just want to pulverize iconic monuments and star in their own reality show. See giant […]

Book Review: 100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith

100 Sideways Miles

Andrew Smith is one of my favorite authors. I don’t otherwise pursue fiction written in the POV of teenage boys, but if they are as entertaining and humorous as his I surely will. If you are offended by the kind of language and thoughts teenage boys have about sex and girls, this probably won’t be […]

Book Review: WORLD OF FIRE by James Lovegrove


  The story you’ll find in James Lovegrove’s WORLD OF FIRE is a familiar one. A special agent has been recruited to find out what’s gone wrong on a planet with its own rules, political system, and no small amount of problems from its magma-rock mining infrastructure. Oh yeah, and there’s a race of AIs called the […]

Book Review: The Ultra Thin Man by Patrick Swenson

The Ultra Thin Man cover

THIS REVIEW CONTAINS WHAT SOME MAY CONSIDER MINOR SPOILERS. Blending elements of noir crime and science fiction isn’t a new thing, but Patrick Swenson in The Ultra Thin Man (Tor), tackles the mashup with enormous talent and verve. The author also throws in elements of the espionage thriller just so readers don’t get bored. Not […]

Book Review: Dead Man’s Hand: An Anthology of The Weird West, ed. John Joseph Adams

A Weird West Anthology from John Joseph Adams

I enjoy a good Western now and then. Mainly cinematic ones, though I have read a number of novels over the years. The weird western is a relatively new phenomenon, emerging probably from some of the writings of Joe R. Landsdale and others, though he writes a more contemporary version, not to mention the recent […]

Book Review: Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

Haruki Murakami is not known as a genre writer, but his dabbling in the fantastika shares many of the common tropes found in modern fantasy. His novels feature gateways to other worlds, ghosts, monsters, and ordinary characters that embark on their own form of the hero’s quests. When his previous novel, 1Q84, was released in the US, […]

Book Review: FOOL’S ASSASSIN by Robin Hobb


The stories of FitzChivalry Farseer were well documented by Robin Hobb in the Farseer Trilogy and the Tawny Man Trilogy. His actions even had consequences only seen in the Liveship Traders Trilogy and the Rainwild Chronicles. And for some time everyone thought Fitz, aka Tom Badgerlock, was going to live the happily ever after he […]

Book Review: SODA POP SOLDIER by Nick Cole

Soda Pop Soldier

Soda Pop Soldier by Nick Cole Very entertaining adventure through the life of a future gamer who faces extreme odds of survival in game and out. Our gamer, PerfectQuestion, is the leader of a ColaCorp professional first person shooter team who is losing game after game to a big time team in WonderSoft. The cost […]

Book Review: FROSTBORN by Lou Anders


I think kids are going to love Forstborn: Thrones and Bones by Lou Anders. As someone who has never been interested enough in middle grade fantasy (fantasy for ages 8-12), I was really impressed with how much I liked this. Frostborn is a smart adventure story for fans of dragons, frost giants, dwarves, swordfights and […]