AISFP 253 – Jamie Todd Rubin, BEYOND THE SUN

AISFP 253 - Jamie Todd Rubin

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 46:31 — 42.7MB) Brent Bowen caught up with science fiction writer and Evernote ambassador Jamie Todd Rubin at last year’s Worldcon. They discuss how wearable tech and Evernote can improve a writer’s life, Jamie’s quest to write everyday (now 396 days out of 398), and his work […]

AISFP 216 – Chicon 7 “Moral Ambiguity in Science Fiction” with Charles Stross, Jay Lake, Nancy Kress, Lissa Price and Bryan Thomas Schmidt

AISFP 202: ChiCon 7 "Disaster Response"

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:14:38 — 68.4MB) Moral Ambiguity in SF Is there still room for moral structure in SF societies and worldbuilding? How does moral ambiguity represent or fail to capture the real world? What are its pitfalls Nancy Kress, Jay Lake, Lissa Price, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Charles Stross   […]

AISFP 211 – Chicon 7 “Creating Vivid Characters” with Carol Berg, Teresa Frohock, Randy Henderson, Kay Kenyon, and Bryan Thomas Schmidt

AISFP 202: ChiCon 7 "Disaster Response"

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:22:58 — 76.0MB) Vivid Character Building How do you create vivid characters who pop off the page? How do you avoid archetypes/stereotypes and predictability? Join a panel of writers discussing their techniques and tricks and ask questions of your own. Carol Berg, Teresa Frohock, Randy Henderson, Kay […]

AISFP 170 – Bryan Thomas Schmidt

returning (125x125)

Bryan Thomas Schmidt joins us to discuss several new projects, particularly his second novel in the Saga of Davi Rhii THE RETURNING.

Is Critical Thinking a Dying Art?


This is how we descend into a new techo-dark age, that is paradoxically driven by an over infusion of information that’s not be processed by people because they have lost that ability to make value judgments. This is a world in which a richness of technology and knowledge gets lost in the shuffle of our inability to access and apply it.

The Importance Of Keeping An Open Mind To The Fiction Of Ideas


They say “speculative fiction” is the fiction of ideas. Ever heard that? . . . But the more I read and get to know the speculative fiction community, the more I’ve discovered a closed mindedness that seems to be the antithesis of the cliché.

The Importance Of Faith As An Element In Realistic SFF Worldbuilding


It’s a topic that comes around time and again: Religion and Science Fiction. While some argue the two are antithetical, others, even Atheists, strongly disagree. SFSignal had such a case in their Mind Meld on the subject in which such known Agnostics and Atheists as Mike Resnick, Ben Bova, Michael A. Burstein and L.E. Modessit, Jr. argue that the two are not antithetical.

The Importance Of Risk Taking In Fiction Writing

Worker Prince (100x100)

How many times have you read something and thought: ‘I’ve seen this before’ or ‘how cliche?’ We’ve all been there, right? I think this occurs most often because writers play it safe. They’re afraid to take risks.