AISFP 102 – Ann Vandermeer and Matthew Sturges


I’m pleased to present my final interviews from Comic-Con: Weird Tales Fiction Editor Ann Vandermeer and writer Matthew Sturges, author of The Office of Shadow and Midwinter.

AISFP 101 – Diana Rowland


Diana Rowland joins us at Comic-Con to discuss demon attacks, Hurrican Katrina, white trash zombies, CSI and a career that blossomed when times looked bleak.

AISFP 99 – John Picacio


Artist John Picacio joins us from Comic-Con to discuss how he approaches cover illustration, the differences between an illustrator and an artist, his favorite science fiction authors, how ebooks might negatively effect artists, and his future projects, including the 2012 Song of Ice and Fire calendar.

AISFP 97 – Lou Anders


Lou Anders discusses science fiction conventions, the sophistication of modern superhero fiction, the new Sword and Sorcery, the power of io9, and forthcoming titles.

AISFP 96 – Brandon Sanderson and Paul Cornell


Brandon Sanderson and Paul Cornell join us to discuss novels, comics, Dr. Who, The Wheel of Time, and much more.

AISFP 94 – Stargate Universe


I sat down with Robert Carlyle, Ming Na, David Blue, and Robert C. Cooper of the Syfy Channel hit series Stargate: Universe at Comic-Con, and here you will find all four interviews.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy News August 11, 2010


Allow me to introduce Moses Siregar, our talented news manager, who brings you everything you need to know in science fiction. In this feature: music, Comic-Con, Steampunk, Steven Erikson, and sage advice.

Comic-Con 2010


With interviews still forthcoming, here is a breakdown of Shaun’s coverage of the 2010 Comic-Con International.

AISFP 83 – Matthew Rotundo, Jordan Lapp, Lou Anders


Matthew Rotundo and Jordan Lapp, two first place winners of the L. Ron Hubbard Presents: Writers and Illustrators of the Future contest, join us to discuss the history of WoTF, their experience at the workshop, and how the contest will enable them to achieve future goals.

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