Like Andre Duza, Bruce Taylor, (a.k.a. Mr. Magical Realism), is an author who’s work I first came across in the Orange edition of the Bizarro Starter Kit. The Final Trick of Funnyman is Bruce’s first collection of short stories and includes the story that hooked me on Bruce’s writing: “The Breath Amidst the Stones” is a […]

SF Book Releases This Week: April 8, 2014


Revelations (Extinction Point, Book 3) by Paul Antony Jones There is nowhere left to run. In the wake of the deadly plague that virtually annihilated the human race, a vast red jungle teeming with alien creatures and lethal plants is devouring Earth, swallowing buildings whole and ruthlessly decimating what life remains. A witness to the […]

Review: Assassin’s Creed (Graphic Novels)

Hawk cover

As a player — and fan — of the Assassin’s Creed on the Xbox 360, I was delighted to have the opportunity to review graphic novels based on the game. The first collection, The Ankh of Isis Trilogy (Titan Books) comprises three sequential tales called, repectively, Desmond, Aquilus and Accipter, named after characters in the narrative. Desmond […]

Book Review: TALUS AND THE FROZEN KING by Graham Edwards

Talus and the frozen king

The manic energy of modern day our modern Sherlock Holmes is a difficult thing to transpose to a book. To take such a character and place them in the Stone Age without the aid of modern technology runs the risk of creating a story so at odds with itself that any trunk it’s hidden in […]

Book Review: THE REPUBLIC OF THIEVES by Scott Lynch


The Republic of Thieves, Book Three of Scott Lynch’s Gentlemen Bastard sequence, is a worthy addition to the story of roguish conmen, Locke Lamora and Jean Tannen. This installment was a long time coming and well worth the wait. Lynch does not disappoint. He continues to find new and interesting ways in which to expand […]

Book Review & Three Book Giveaway: Dangerous Women edited by George R.R.Martin and Gardner Dozois


The dangerous women who inhabit the pages of this huge cross-genre anthology range in temperament from slightly irritable to out and out bloodthirsty. With a few stops en route through feisty and frightening. As one might expect from the masterly editorial pairing of Dozois and Martin, this cross-genre anthology, Dangerous Women (Tor) is, with few […]

Tim Ward’s Top 5 SF Reads of 2013


Here’s my Top 10 from 2012, and for 2013, I’m cutting it to a top 5. I’m not one of those 100+ books a year readers. I only read like 35 books last year, but I only finish about one in ten that I start, some going as far as sixty seventy percent before putting […]

Reddit Fantasy Best of 2013 Awards – The Stabbies

2012 reddit dagger

For those who don’t know what Reddit is, it’s essentially an interactive forum and news stream for almost any topic imaginable. You need a profile to upvote or downvote what articles you find interesting and make comments with the community. You can subscribe to subforums like /r/Fantasy and then arrange your favorite at the top […]

AISFP 242 – John Gwynne, MALICE

AISFP 242 – John Gwynne, MALICE

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 40:03 — 36.8MB) Moses Siregar III interviews John Gwynne at World Fantasy Con shortly after John won the Morningstar Award for Best Debut Novel for Malice (The Faithful and the Fallen). They chatted about the long process John took in making Malice so great, how his story […]

Book Review: THE GARDEN OF STONES by Mark T. Barnes

Garden of Stones

The typical Chinese garden is designed to reflect the world in miniature whilst providing an idealized view of it as one passes through – it can be both ornate and sprawling. The Japanese rock garden on the other hand is an overly stylized representation that focuses on a minimalist approach to the story it tells […]