Book Review: SAND by Hugh Howey (Audiobook reviewed as well)


I finished Sand this morning and was surprised to find a tear. I’ve wanted to cry from reading a book before, and did at the end of listening to 11/22/63, but never have while reading someone else’s fiction. Sand Omnibus did that. I’m not sure I could give a stronger recommendation. Sand is King of […]

SF Book Releases This Week: Dec. 31, 2013


Annihilation Point (Book 3 of The Techxorcist) by Colin F. Barnes ** Limited time special launch price. Ends Jan 1st. ** The third installment of the best-selling (#1 Cyberpunk) series. How much sacrifice should anyone have to give? Petal and Gabriel are forced to decide, as the mad, digital entity, Elliot Robertson, is determined to […]

SF Books Releasing This Week: Oct. 8, 2013


Welcome to a new series at Adventures in SciFi Publishing. My goal for this is to make it easier for you, the reader, to find each week’s release of “all” the science fiction and fantasy books (and all sub-genres in between–yeah, I’m talking to you Amish Vampires in Space lovers). I subscribe to most of […]

AISFP 192 – Saul Garnell and David Bischoff, Part 1


The men behind Hotspur Publishing, David Bischoff and Saul Garnell, discuss book deals in Irish Pubs, what they have learned since founding Hotspur, Voodoo Robot Chili, and much more.

Fantasy Tropes in Japanese Folklore

sword_ronin (125x125)

Travis Heermann, author of HEART OF THE RONIN and host of the new kickstarter project SWORD OF THE RONIN, discusses the rich history of Japanese fantasy tropes, including the tortured girl and diabolical inanimate objects.

AISFP 166 – Podcaster Panel: J. Daniel Sawyer, John Mierau and Indiana Jim


Just about everyone has opinions on Amazon and the way Amazon is influencing (or controlling) publishing, and the podcasters joining us in this episode are no exception! J. Daniel Sawyer, Indiana Jim and John Mierau pontificate and share a singular message: Authors! Chill out.

AISFP 130 – Moses Siregar III

BGW (99x100)

We talked with our very own Moses Siregar III about his debut novel, The Black God’s War (just released). We found out about Moses’s sordid past (lots of D&D and coke, erm, Coca Cola) and how his rekindled interest in RPGs became the gateway drug for writing fantasy novels. Moses also revealed more of his inner geek, as he talked about how Robotech, The Iliad, and The Decemberists inspired him to write his book.

AISFP 117 – Howard Andrew Jones


Howard Andrew Jones, author of The Desert of Souls and Managing Editor of Black Gate Magazine, discusses historical fantasy, fresh perspective, the long path to publishing, building community with other writers, the future of Black Gate, and, of course, magic carpet rides.

An Open Letter on Indie Publishing

AISFP 191 – BN Downsizing, Dragoncon Controvery, and the Society of Idiots

My name is Justin Patrick Moore and I’m a big fan of speculative literature, just as I am of underground and experimental music. I’ve been engaged with both since I was in grade school. My interest in strange electronic and avant-garde music has led me to hosting my own radio show, “On the Way to […]

Moses Siregar III reads from his forthcoming novel

Our very own Moses Siregar III reads from his novel.