REVIEW: I, Demon by Samuel T. Crown

I, Demon (125x125)

I, Demon chronicles the life and (rather tumultuous) times of a nameless demon exiled by both heaven and hell. It is recounted in the first person by the demon himself after he is summoned (via a computer program) into a 21st century basement by a perky blonde with a mysterious agenda.

AISFP 133 – Justin Gustainis

hardspell (100x100)

Justin Gustainis is a man who owes over $4,000 in library fees, but that’s not his only claim to fame! He is the author of the recently released HARD SPELL and SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL, and he joins us to discuss the circumstances around his first novel, THE HADES PROJECT, what inspired him as a child, a demonically possessed President of the United States (not ours. Listen to the interview.), style and pacing, dialogue, the Odyssey Workshop, his novel’s connection to Dracula, that his books are not paranormal romance, editing anthologies, meth-addicted goblins and an author who shall not be named.

AISFP 122 – Michele Lang


Michele Lang, author of LADY LAZARUS, joins us to discuss the melding of history (in this case with personal considerations) with fantasy, having an agent who is also an author and what’s next with DARK VICTORY, and her second Magda Lazarus novel, which will be available January 2012.

AISFP 116 – Sherrilyn Kenyon


Sherrilyn Kenyon joins us to discuss sympathetic characters, growing up in the South, urban fantasy, and much more. Tobias Buckell returns with Ask a Writer, and we discuss Borders and Heinlein’s Third Rule.