SF Book Releases This Week: March 25, 2014


Dead Ever After: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel by Charlaine Harris THE FINAL SOOKIE STACKHOUSE NOVEL When a shocking murder rocks Bon Temps, Sookie will learn that what passes for the truth is only a convenient lie. What passes for justice is more spilled blood. And what passes for love is never enough… Features an all-new […]

Book Review: ANCILLARY JUSTICE by Ann Leckie

ancillary justice

There are three reasons why Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie probably took first place on io9’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2013 and why it deserves to be at the top of such a list. Even if you don’t care for io9 and their selection, this is a book that you should give […]

AISFP 238 – James S.A. Corey

AISFP 238 James S.A. Corey

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 57:35 — 52.8MB) Timothy C. Ward interviews Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, known for their pen name James S.A. Corey, to discuss their top-notch space opera series, The Expanse. Discussed (Locus Mag interview as a source) The strengths of Daniel’s and Ty’s input into making the James […]

AISFP 218 – DemiCon “Building a Navy” with David Weber and BuNine

AISFP - 218: David Weber, "Building a Navy"

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:03:23 — 58.1MB) David Weber, author of the Space Opera classic-in-the-making, Honor Harrington Series, says, “To write Military Science Fiction you have to understand how militaries work, or else you’re going to have holes in there that eventually you’ll be to throw a Weber-worth of missiles through.” […]

AISFP 217 – DemiCon 24 “Militarily Authentic Space Opera” with David Weber

OnBasiliskStation (125x125)

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 58:41 — 53.8MB) David Weber, most famous for his Space Opera series, Honor Harrington, ran this DemiCon 24 panel solo, beginning with the theme of “The Future of Space Opera,” but fielded questions that made this more aptly entitled, “Militarily Authentic Space Opera.” If you’re new to […]

AISFP 198 – Kevin J. Anderson, Part 2

AISFP 198 Kevin J. Anderson Pt 2

Kevin J. Anderson is back to discuss being a writer with no future, Patrick Rothfuss, being an overnight success in 20 years, one of his favorite works, writing by dictation, wordfirepress.com, and more!

AISFP 193 – Saul Garnell and David Bischoff, Part 2


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 24:48 — 17.2MB) Star Hounds, the classic space adventure series in print once again after more than 25 years. And for the first time, all three original novels in one single omnibus, plus a new forth book that continues the adventure into the new millennium! This collection […]

AISFP 192 – Saul Garnell and David Bischoff, Part 1


The men behind Hotspur Publishing, David Bischoff and Saul Garnell, discuss book deals in Irish Pubs, what they have learned since founding Hotspur, Voodoo Robot Chili, and much more.

AISFP 181 – Jack McDevitt


Brent Bowen sat down with Jack McDevitt at Worldcon to discuss why one should never compare oneself to Charles Dickens, working with Mike Resnick, career choices for authors, and much more.

AISFP 170 – Bryan Thomas Schmidt

returning (125x125)

Bryan Thomas Schmidt joins us to discuss several new projects, particularly his second novel in the Saga of Davi Rhii THE RETURNING.