AISFP 128 – Rachel Caine

Caine (100x100)

New York Times bestselling author Rachel Caine joins us to discuss THE MORGANVILLE VAMPIRE series, the WEATHER WARDEN series, writing one of the first Fandemonium STARGATE SG-1 novels, creating her own flavor of vampires, her writing schedule, writing with a day job, building music playlists for her novels, writing under various pen names, and reinventing herself.

AISFP 94 – Stargate Universe


I sat down with Robert Carlyle, Ming Na, David Blue, and Robert C. Cooper of the Syfy Channel hit series Stargate: Universe at Comic-Con, and here you will find all four interviews.

Comic-Con 2010


With interviews still forthcoming, here is a breakdown of Shaun’s coverage of the 2010 Comic-Con International.

AISFP 74 – Joseph Mallozzi and Lou Anders


Joseph Mallozzi, Consulting Producer of Stargate Universe, and Lou Anders, Editorial Director of Pyr, join us to analyze how literary and media science fiction influence each other.

Interviewing Stars of Television, Film, and Music


This article collects all the interviews we have done outside the world of books, including exclusives with Robert Carlyle, Ming-Na, Bear McCreary, Michael Shanks, Jewel Staite, Ben Browder, R.A. Salvatore, and more.

Stargate: Continuum Interviews

Here are the interviews I conducted on the flight deck of the U.S.S. Midway during the Stargate: Continuum Comic-Con red carpet premiere. Check out Gateworld for more coverage of the event.