Book Review: ODD MEN OUT by Matt Betts


Odd Men Out, by Matt Betts, is a different kind of book than I’m used to, but it worked for me, taking over a reading queue that was getting out of hand. I credit TV shows like Jericho and Revolution for enticing me to like Civil War type dystopias, where factions within the country are […]

Book Review: A THOUSAND PERFECT THINGS by Kay Kenyon


In her epic new work, A Thousand Perfect Things (Premier Digital Publishing), award-winning author Kay  Kenyon creates an alternate 19th century earth ruled by the warring factions of scientific Anglica (England) and magical Bharata (India). The main protagonist is Astoria (Tori) Harding, a young woman who aspires to be a scientist in the mould of her […]

Book Review: Sherlock Holmes: The Stuff of Nightmares by James Lovegrove

Stuff of Nightmares_final_3

Sherlock Holmes has seen numerous iterations across the spectrum of media, some good some bad. James Lovegrove, the author of Age of Odin, is the latest author to put his pen to the test in Sherlock Holmes – The Stuff of Nightmares, and he excels. Lovegrove returns Holmes to his roots of 19th century London with […]

Book Review: SEA CHANGE by S.M. Wheeler


Lilly is the unhappy child of two powerful but dysfunctional parents who despise each other. The girl, however, finds solace at the ocean, where she meets and befriends an eloquent, intelligent sea monster, a kraken, whom she names Octavius. Octavius wants to hear stories all the time and, in exchange, he teaches the girl about […]

AISFP 195 – R.S. Belcher, Part 1

AISFP 195 R.S. Belcher Pt 1

R.S. Belcher joins us to discuss the freshening of old plot lines  his former stint on Occult Crimes Task Force in Virginia, trying to time the market, and Stephen King’s Secret Mutant Super Power.

AISFP 164 – David Constantine

The Pillars of Hercules

David Constantine joins us to discuss his new steampunk, ancient world science fiction (or is it fantasy?) novel, THE PILLARS OF HERCULES, published by Night Shade Books. Topics covered include: technology of the ancient world; why technologies were lost and the role slavery played in preventing the mass production of technologies; the fall of economies; Alexander the Great; alternate history; using dialogue to reveal character; the wreckage of Atlantis; shifting gears from hard science fiction to alternate historical fiction; consistency in world building; the journey to exotic lands; and much more.

AISFP 138 – Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris


Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine join Shaun to discuss their new novel PHOENIX RISING: A MINISTRY OF PECULIAR OCCURRENCES novel. Other topics include their journeys through podcasting to small press to that island of big 6 publishing, writing deep characters, A GAME OF THRONES, social media and much more.

AISFP 137 – Lou Anders

The Restoration Game

One of our favorite guests, the always gracious Lou Anders, Editorial Director of Pyr books, sat down with Shaun at WorldCon the morning of the Hugo Awards. If you’ve been living in a cave. . . . Lou won.

Phoenix Rising

Historical Fantasy: A History, Part Two: The Present


M.K. Hobson returns: You’ll find some works that are indisputably seminal (e.g., Mists of Avalon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley) as well as some lesser known works that bring something fresh and unique to the field.