AISFP 55 – James Patrick Kelly and Matthew Wayne Selznick

In our second Clarion episode, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author James Patrick Kelly joins us to discuss teaching, the importance of podcasting, writing for, and his new short story collection. Also, Matthew Wanye Selznick emerges Out of the Slush to share the success of his first book deal.

Show Notes:

Sam and I start things off with some Publishing News: Con Talk! That’s right, we engage in a few minutes of geeky goodness about those strange and often wonderful gatherings called science fiction conventions. Top on our radar is Comic-Con, at which both of us will loose four days of our life and another four days to recover. Many interviews are being planned, so we have some nice content to share buy gabapentin reddit with you from the Con. I will be a guest at Conjecture 6 in September, but what if you don’t live in San Diego? Where are the cons near you? Thank you, Locus.

I met with James Patrick Kelly at his hotel and had a lovely time chatting about workshops, podcasting, writing, the Scifi Channel, and a variety of subjects. Enjoy.

Then, Out of the Slush comes Matthew Wayne Selznick to discuss his book deal for Brave Men Run.

Finally, Sam and I wrap things up by pondering the theme of this episode: podcasting your fiction. Is it different from traditional self-publishing? Should authors do it? What factors go into making it a success?

We’ll be back next week with our third Clarion interview: Mary Anne Mohanraj.

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  1. Sovereign Summer Sunday, Matthew Wayne Selznick’s June 13th assault on amazon with the Swarm Press release of Brave Men Run, was an absolute blast.

    I just realized I think I’ve been misspelling his name on my blog.

    I have an over 2 hour daily commute, so podcasts stroke my soul daily. I can’t express how wonderful it is to have so much quality content so easily available for free. I bought multiple copies of Brave Men Run on release day to give as gifts. It’s a great story, but mainly I wanted to support this medium that has become such an important part of my life.

  2. Shaun Farrell says:

    Matt really struck gold this weekend. He hit number 9 on the charts! That’s awesome.

  3. Ken Harmeyer says:

    I enjoy podcasts better than spending money on a bad book. I drive for a living and it is nice to listen to a podcast. If the book is good I will go and buy it in print form. I enjoy listening to the interviews. I write for fun, not for anyone but friends, so it is interesting to hear about the troubles these people go through. Then later in the interview you can hear the joy they have at having the book published. Thank you


  1. SF Signal says:

    SF Tidbits for 7/16/08…

    More Cover Pr0n:Lou Anders is sharing a very cool promo card from artist Dave Seely.The British cover of Bad Monkeys. [via Torque Control] Interviews and Profiles:Adventures in SciFi Publishing interviews James Patrick Kelly and Matthew Wayne Selznick….

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