AISFP 57 – Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman joins us to discuss his first teaching experience at Clarion. He also talks about why he has resisted teaching, The Graveyard Book, judging the Arthur C. Clarke Award, and his love for radio plays.

Show Notes:

I left Comic-Con early on a Friday to meet with Neil Gaiman at his hotel as he finished his week at Clarion. Subsequently, given that I was walking around the convention center all day avoiding blood thirsty zombie strippers and various incarnations of the Joker, I didn’t have my recording gear with me, but the iRiver did a fair job at capturing the thoughts of this exceptional author.

I answer a couple of emails after the interview. Many of you have shared some wonderful advice regarding, and I’m deeply grateful. John asks me about writing groups, and Roxane points out that France has an even deeper struggle with Amazon due to the Lang Law.

That’s it for this week. See you next time with the final Clarion interviews and our coverage of Comic-Con International 2008.

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The Critters Writing Workshop
The Arthur C. Clarke Awards
The Lang Law





10 Responses to “AISFP 57 – Neil Gaiman”

  1. Shaun, great interview again. What was the YA Sci-Fi/Space Opera book that Neil mentioned during the interview?

  2. Samuel D. Kirby Reply

    I’m liking the direction AISFP is going, with its new site, great interviews and great new segments. The Clarion workshop interviews have been a delight to listen to, with each author/tutor offering their own insights to the field. I especially liked Neils thoughts on the different mediums, especially the comparisons between Graphic Novels and Prose Fiction and what each do well and not so well. Mary Ann Mohanrajs Editorial system for grading submissions was interesting, and made me really think where my own fiction stands and what may need work to get to that desired A grade.

    Shaun, you are asking all the right questions, and inciting some insightful responses. Well done.

    Brad, as to your question, I believe Neil was talking about Edward E. Smith and the Lensmen series.

  3. Shaun Farrell Reply

    Thank you very much, Samuel. And thanks for the help in answering Brad’s question.

  4. Thanks Samuel. I will keep an eye out for his books at my local bookstore and might pick one up for my nephew for Christmas.

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