AISFP 59 – Clarion Graduates

In our final Clarion special show, I join the workshop graduates to see what they will take away from their experience and what advice they have for next year’s class.

Show Notes:

Sam and I discuss the Hugo winners. The Dr. Who fans in our audience are probably going to freak when they hear our thoughts. Hey, it’s just our opinion.

The Clarion graduates welcomed me among them on their final night of the workshop. They were a fun bunch, clearly proud and excited about their accomplishments, as well they should be. I had a great time, and I think they have some wonderful thoughts to share for anyone thinking about attending a workshop.

Kay Kenyon joins us to present Publishing Key Number 5.

Finally, we wrap things up with some feedback, after Sam accuses me of being cheesy. Charles reminds us that it’s too early to know if the Wizards of the Coast Discoveries novels made money, and that the company is focusing on core brands. We discuss briefly.

See you next week with my coverage of Comic-Con!

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Promo: Reading the Wind, by Brenda Cooper
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  1. Shaun, I loved the interviews. It’s great to hear that even top tier writers have to work on their craft, not just us aspiring authors. Keep it up.

    - mooney

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