AISFP 87 – Tim Akers

Tim Akers, author of Heart of Veridon, joins Jonathan Schieffer at the World Fantasy Convention in this exclusive interview.

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  1. Mike Alexander says:

    Interesting interview – good to get some background on how the ideas for Veridon developed. I’ve been following Tim’s work since the Veridon stories appeared in Interzone. The novel is an awesome debut, and highly recommended for anyone interested in steampunk, clockpunk, fantasy etc.

  2. Thanks Jonathan for doing these interviews! It’s too bad we didn’t meet at the convention, maybe next year!

    I enjoyed the interview with Eddie. I met him briefly at a party at World Fantasy, but it was loud, there was alcohol (well, it was a WFC party after all) so it was nice to hear him talk about Jabberwocky etc.

    Great work with the interviews!!

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