AISFP 121 – Indiana Jim

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Author and podcaster “Indiana” Jim joins us to discuss his first published novella, FIREFIGHT AT OVERWATCH COMMAND, the first of three novellas set in the popular card trading game WARS. We talk space opera, DEADWOOD in space, Malcolm Reynolds’ and Han Solo’s love child, David Bowie, changes in publishing, the San Fransisco 49ers, and much more.

Show Notes:

  • We are giving away two audiobook downloads of Lawrence M. Schoen’s BUFFALITO DESTINY, a science fiction novel! To enter the contest, simply Tweet to your followers that @AISFPpodcast is the place to be this summer for free books. Or, something to that effect. If you don’t use Twitter, you can email 10 friends, include us in the CC, and encourage them to visit our website for a chance to win books this summer. All entries must be received by June 22nd at midnight.
  • But that’s not all. We give a sneak peak at a Scifi Trivia contest we will run this summer in conjunction with two other podcasts. 12 titles from Pyr Books are up for grabs. So stick with us this summer to have some fun and win some books!
  • Brent is in Convention Recovery, but he still joins us!
  • Moses is kicking some serious butt with his novella. We discuss the spike in downloads and the publication of his novel.


  • Rusty discusses the high learning curve in epic fantasy, and he sees science fiction as easier for readers to follow. Very interesting email here.
  • John G. gives Jules Verne some love.
  • Ryan analyzes the mainstreaming of science fiction.

Dean Wesley Smith
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Is Dune fantasy?
The Hazardous Players

8 Responses to “AISFP 121 – Indiana Jim”

  1. Adam Morales Reply

    What a great podcast as usual Shaun. It was fun remembering all the great movies Jim mentioned from the late 80’s. I think I am going to go home and watch Willow after work.

    I like the e-mail you received from Rusty about the learning curve of fantasy novels. He brings up a great point about a sci-fi writer having to only expand on what we already know, instead of creating a whole new system of laws and magic. That does put some more pressure on us fantasy writers to accurately explain our version of the “Swartz”, but I still love to dive into a fantasy novel and explore a new land with different creatures and enchantments.

    Great job to you all and I can’t wait for Moses to finish up his book. Thanks, Adam

  2. Shaun Farrell Reply

    I love it when guests start talking about 80s movies and TV shows! Elizabeth Bear did the same thing. I have learned that some of the 80s properties should be left in memory. In fact, most of them, but what great memories they are.

  3. Good show as always, but don’t be knocking on She-Ra, boys. I know, the shows are pretty painful to watch now, but at the time I ate them up. Know why? She-Ra was *the only* tough female main character on kids’ TV. The only one. There were side characters aplenty – Scarlet, Cheetara, Steelheart, etc – but She-Ra was the only one who got her own show. For a tomboy like myself, that was huge. Yeah, she looked like Barbie with a valkyrie hat, and she had a winged unicorn, but she also had a big sword and was not afraid to side-kick bad guys into next week. Outside of comic books – note that the only cartoon female superheroes were in the Superfriends show, where, again, they were usually not the main focus – it was pretty darn difficult to find female butt-kicking not-a-sidekick rolemodels in the 80s. I mostly had to watch Linda Carter as Wonder Woman, and Charlie’s Angels, which were not really kids’ shows. So, art? Not really. But important work? You betcha.

  4. Shaun Farrell Reply

    Mercy, anyone who spread She-Ra love on this website is awesome in my book! I just wished they hadn’t cancelled He-Man at the height of its ratings in favor of She-Ra. They should have had new seasons of both, airing back-to-back!

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