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Thank you to all who supported us during the Fund Drive. Your donations, tweets, blogs and emails are invaluable. Now, on to more podcasting!

We Need Your Support

UPDATE: We now have a signed copy of THE DERVISH HOUSE that will be given, via random drawing, to one of our contributors at the end of our Summer Fund Drive. This copy was signed at the Campbell Conference, just after Ian won the John W. Campbell Award for Best Novel. A true collectors item! Donate by August 1st to be entered into the drawing.

Hello, everyone! Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this. We have not asked for any kind of donation in more than two years, if memory serves. We are at a place now, though, where we need to ask for some support as we strive to bring the podcast around the country to conventions later this year.  We also need to replace some equipment that is on its last leg.

Given these needs, we hereby announce a six-week (or so) fund drive, through which we will be asking for donations into the month of July. As part of this drive we are increasing production of the show, neurontin to buy bringing you more podcasts, as well as featuring several new reviews on the website. Additionally, to those who can support us, we offer the following incentives during our fund drive:

  • Donate $20 and receive one book.
  • Donate $40 and receive two books.
  • Donate $60 or more and receive three books.
  • We regret that we can only ship titles within North America.

Even just giving up your Starbucks Coffee for one day can go a long way in helping us continue our efforts to bring you great authors and insight into the publishing business. Times are a-changing, and we want to be on top of those changes, bringing you breaking news and analysis. Please use the Pay-Pal link on top-right of the page to make your donation today!

We know times are difficult and not everyone will be able to donate. If you can’t support us financially, please consider featuring us on your blog, writing a review in iTunes, and joining us Facebook and Twitter where you can help spread the word about AISFP.

Thank you for your long time support, and we look forward to many more years of exploring story together.

The Adventures in Scifi Publishing Team

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