AISFP 204 – Michael Underwood, Part 1

One sixteen-year-old girl versus a plague of beasts.

Can a sixteen-year-old girl stem the tide of a lycanthropocalypse? When three younger boys show up on Mia’s doorstep, naked and on the run, she is drawn into a shadow world where a series of strange disappearances heralds a slowly spreading plague of lycanthropy. Mia must save the three orphaned boys from their brutal Alpha, a man-beast who believes humans are food. A war is brewing for the top of the food chain. Mia doesn’t know it yet, but she holds the key to the future of the human race.

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 Show Notes:

Tim Ward talked with Michael Underwood, author and Marketing Manager for Angry Robot Books.  Michael discusses his career and what educational training he recommends for those seeking to follow his path. He also discusses books from Angry Robots and Strange Chemisty, their acquisitions process for genre mashups, and other insider information on the publishing industry.

Want to teach science fiction? Michael mentions some authors who teach speculative fiction: Gregory Wilson (St. Johns University in NYC) and John Kessel (NC State), as well as Kij Johnson and Von Carr.

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  1. Looking forward to this one – I’m a big fan of Angry Robot.

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