AISFP 221 – Larry Correia, Part One, WARBOUND

Timothy C. Ward and Nick Sharps (of SF Signal) interviewed Larry Correia, author of the upcoming Epic Fantasy, Noir, Alternate History novel, Warbound: Book Three of the Grimnoir Chronicles . (Part Two of our interview with Larry is up.)

Discussed in this episode:
Larry’s inspiration behind Grimnoir Chronicles was completely out of spite to a statement that he’d never written an Epic Fantasy series.

The world’s most dangerous wizard runs his alternate history version of Imperial Japan versus a Heavy and the most powerful wizard who also happens to be psychotic.

How he incorporates Good vs. Evil without having the cheesy, mustache twirling bad guy.

How he’s developed a reputation for being an action writer and how he got good.

Adrenaline side effects and limits.

Real life research for action and his work on Dead Six Military Thriller. (A real life Jack Bauer).

How his life is now that he’s a full time writer. And how to be a writer successfully if it’s not your day job. Blog on writing g habits. His thoughts on writer’s block.

How he made a character who is a cross between Dan Wells and Benedict Cumberbatch, inspired by Dan making Larry a bad guy character in his upcoming book.

His charity Red Shirts donation where Larry kills Nick in his book, Spellbound (Grimnoir Chronicles).

And, finally, how it felt to finish a series (Grimnoir Chronicles).

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P.S. I apologize for calling Moses’s second title by the wrong name. If he was on the show to do the intro, he would have caught it….

Timothy C. Ward
Executive Producer

Timothy C. Ward‘s first publication, Cornhusker: Demon Gene (A Short Story), is available on Kindle for $.99. He is looking for beta readers for his novel, Kaimerus, described as “Firefly crashes on Avatar and wakes up 28 Days Later.”

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