AISFP 272 – Fake Reviews

With Shaun, Moses, and Brent back behind the microphones, we felt it appropriate to get together for a little topic discussion, as we used to do quite often.

This episode is brought to you by the new middle grade novel THRONES AND BONES: FROSTBORN, by Lou Anders. Smelly trolls, the walking dead, and a fire-breathing dragon are no match for Karn and Thianna, two heroes with pluck and smarts. Lou Anders’s first book is a humorous viking-inspired fantasy adventure that will appeal to fans of Rick Riordan, Brandon Mull, and Lloyd Alexander.

This novel is receiving rave reviews. Still not convinced? Read Tim Ward’s review of THRONES AND BONES, and then pick up a copy for yourself. And when you do, tell Lou Anders that AISFP sent you!




Topics covered in today’s podcast:

  • Moses is expecting his second child!;
  • Brent has an exciting project in the works;
  • David Farland’s Daily Kick on Fake Reviews;
  • Trolling competition;
  • Our new website! If you are here reading this, we hope you like. Check out the Episode Gallery at the top of the page;
  • John Dodd reviews DEAD MAN’S HAND;
  • Do you  have a favorite place to find book reviews? Where? We recommend SF Reviews.

Special Note:

Podcaster P.G. Holyfield has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and from what we’re reading online and learning through the podcasting community, his time is short. You can download his novel MURDER AT AVEDON HILL on, and 100% of donations given to that book will go to Patrick’s family. Also, you can go Patrick’s GoFundMe page to offer additional support.

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  1. A Timothy C. Ward plush doll??? Is it too arrogant that after Moses said that that I considered how to make one for a good few minutes?

    Thanks for all the love guys. It was hard to listen to this without the mic in front of me, but this past week or so has been awesome production wise on Scavenger 2. I’m realizing how important it is to get the next parts up quickly to make the serializing aspect of the story effective. I am talking with a cover artist for the five parts and an editor as well. The next four parts will be about 25k words each, so that should be doable on a monthly basis, if I work hard.

    As to the fake reviews, I’m finding it harder to balance a tougher criticism on books with my rising from aspiring author to published author. Three star reviews are seen by many as a slap in the face, but I read a lot of books that fall into that category. My solution has been to just not finish them, but sometimes I finish hoping it would turn into a four. Then I’m stuck either not reviewing or reviewing and burning a bridge. I don’t know a whole lot of reviewers that are not also aspiring authors, especially since reviewing is a good way to get free books and read a lot in order to be a good writer. No easy solution there.

    • I feel your pain, Tim. It’s hard to find authors who thrive on honest criticism over selling their books, and no one wants to look like the jerk. If pressed, I would try to maintain my integrity, but it’s hard to be a reviewer and a writer trying to do two things in the same pot.

      So for now, honesty reigns and if it causes a problem I will adjust course…

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